Even as we begin to see the light at the end of the quarantine tunnel, it’s likely that virtual workplaces will remain a part of product development life for a while yet. We’re excited to have stumbled on some tools that, even if we return to be an in-person UX team, we’ll keep the rituals going!

Reduce online critique fatigue with Loom.
Spending any more than the 2 hours of critique we already dedicate to Design Workshop, can drag out the day and does not encourage lively feedback.

We’re curious folk and are always hankering for a good dose of inspiration. Take a peek into what caught our attention this week…

@kindafiction on Instagram

My friend
Agatha, who I used to work with at Oculus, has been playing around a lot with 3D animation and different styles. (Christophe Tauziet, Head of Design)

Alto pharmacists at work

Healthcare, now more than ever, feels like a complicated and expensive part of American life. Dramatically rising medication costs drive fear and dissatisfaction for patients who have few tools to understand what treatments will cost before entering the healthcare system. Compounding the problem are the industry’s complex web of players (from government to insurance to manufacturers) and opaque processes which leads to consumers feeling lost and deferring critical care. In fact, studies estimate that approximately 50% of patients do not take their medications as prescribed, leading to worsening conditions that can impact health more severely long term.

At Alto, our…

Stephanie Chen Gulla

Design Manager, Patients & Providers @ Alto Pharmacy

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